20W-50 4W & 2W Engine Oil


  • Protects the engine, gear box and clutch
    at high temperature and high speed.
  • Increases fuel average of the engine by 25 to 30% guaranteed
  • Optimum viscosity is maintained, to provide effective lubrication.
  • Keep injectors clean.
  • Reduce exhaust emissions and engine
  • Restore performance.
  • Increasefuel economy.
  • Product quality meet’s API specification


Recommended for all new generation 4 stroke , two wheelers, plying under severe duty conditions like frequent stop & go, dusty environment, variable climatic conditions etc. viz. Hero Honda, Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha, Suzuki, LML, Mahindra, etc. and also forThree & Four wheelers,

Typical Properties
150 Viscosity Grade 20 W 50
Viscosity at 100 deg. C, cSt 16 – 18
Total Base Number 7.5 Min
Flash Point, deg.C, COC 224
Pour Point, deg.0 I -24
Viscosity Index 110

Check top up engine oil every 6000km or as per vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.

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