Bio Mile Fuel Saver

Eco-friendly, 100% Herbal multi functional bio additive for petrol & Diesel vehicles
Increases fuel average of the engine by 40% in Petrol Vehicles & 30% in Diesel Vehicles Guaranteed
Removes carbon from engine hence reduces friction
Removes black smoke by 80%
Reduces engine noise 20% resulting smoother rides
Saves Petrol & Diesel vaporization 5%-10% Increases engine power and torque by 20% Smooth drive without knocking noise, backfire, delay time chain etc.
• Totally prevents corrosion in fuel tank & cleans fuel supply in carburetor

• Bio Mile Fuel Saver is a100% herbal petrol additive. It is Multi functional additive with unique Detergent & dispersant formula for all petrol engines. Bio Miles actively works towards improving the fuel combustion efficiency and reducing the harmful emissions of carbon dioxide (Co2), nitrogen oxides (NOX), particulate matter (PM), unburned hydrocarbons (UHCs), and carbon monoxide (CO).
Usage: 2m1 for 1 Liter Petrol & Diesel

Pack Size : 2m1, 10ml, 40m1, 100m1, 250m1, 500m1, 1Ltr, 50Ltr, 210Ltr

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